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3 Ways Interior Designers Are Changing Spaces for 2022

With all the time we’ve been spending at home the past couple years, you might be looking to switch things up a little for a “change in scenery.” However, there are just so many styles to choose from and decisions to make.

It’s probably not surprising to learn that even interior designers don’t always agree with each other’s choices. But, is there any common ground for thoughts on popular home styles in 2022.

Continue reading to see some of 2022’s interior design trends that many designers tended to agree on.



It might be obvious, but maximalism is the polar opposite of minimalism. The great thing about this trend is that it looks different in every home. Maximalism serves as an extension of people’s vibrant and complex personalities. Maximalism is all about telling the story of life through your home.

Maximalism has the ability to reintroduce energy into the home at a time when it’s easy to become jaded.

Dual-Purpose Rooms

Dual Purpose Room

The newly emerged hybrid work era means homes, especially smaller spaces, have to wear different hats. Our spaces need to work harder than ever.

A word of advice before you shift your computer and desk. We and many other designers caution against mixing work into places of rest because you will need to set clear boundaries for an optimum work-life balance. Maybe move office elements into the dining room or kitchen, instead of the bedroom.


Curved furniture

Round and curvy elements are having a moment now. They’re visually comforting and instill a sense of security. It’s in our most basic instincts. We affiliate curves and soft lines with nurturing and safety, and oppositely, hard lines with harshness.

Are you inclined to make a change to your home using one of these 2022 interior design trends? We know it’s a complex decision. Contact us for a free consultation.



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