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Choosing The Right Interior Designer

If you’re building a new home or planning a redesign of an existing space, it’s important to work with the right interior designer.

A good interior designer will help you with any ongoing renovations or your architect to help create the custom space that perfectly fits your lifestyle needs and design requirements.

The right interior designer will provide you with a range of services from expert advice when planning to the implementation of concepts.

Budgets are always a factor, but there are different styles of design to meet any budget. The best interior designers can work with a variety of trends and styles and adapt those to meet your goals.

As a responsible interior design agency, we will give you a few tips and advice for choosing the right interior designer.

Why Should You Look for an Interior Designer?

A professional interior designer is important for any residential or commercial renovation project.

For the average person, the demands and considerations called for in interior design would be rather stressful. A professional interior designer will help you prioritize and tackle any problems you encounter.

An interior designer can help you wholly envision a new space; whether you want to do away with the look of your living room in exchange for something fresh and modern or if you’re a business taking over a new space.

For new constructions, the interior designer will work closely with the architect and builder to create the best version of your desired space.

Interior designers aren’t only about making a space attractive. They also study and understand the functionality of a space and how that functionality intersects with your lifestyle.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer

There are some considerations you should make when choosing the right interior designer for your project.

Check the Designer’s Credentials

Be sure that you’re connecting with an interior designer. There is a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. An interior decorator may have some shared knowledge, but he or she will likely lack the education needed to properly plan for lighting, materials, layout, or other emerging techniques and technologies.

Check for testimonials provided by previous customers. Beyond Decor testimonials show on our website and our Facebook page. We also have some Google Business reviews.

Check the Designer’s Style

Interior designers typically adapt to the requirements and styles required by the client for each project. However, some people find that they may be more comfortable working with an interior designer whose previous projects match the look or style that’s desired for the project.

There will be a reassurance that you’re working with someone who will know the best materials to be used based on their expertise and experience.

Check the Portfolio

We know reviewing the portfolio of an interior designer is important. That’s why we feature our portfolio so prominently on the Beyond Decor website.

Remember when viewing the portfolio that although it’s good to be amazed by what they’ve done, you also should be looking for the styles the interior designer is conversant with. For example, you might want your home office to look like you’ve traveled to the future, but the portfolio is centered around rustic farmhouse elements. This probably won’t be a good fit.

See how the interior designer adapts different styles, color palettes, and layouts. But most importantly, look for the design elements you like and want to use in your own space.

Lastly, engage with the interior designer and find out what items from their portfolio matches your budget.

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Who to Choose?

Choosing the right interior design agency can make a difference in determining if your project is a success.

Beyond Decor is a great option to consider when choosing a Bangkok-based interior designer. We are client-focused and have a reputation for developing attractive yet highly functional interior design solutions for clients.

Beyond Décor has worked for private individuals, premier property developers, and businesses in the health & beauty, fashion, hospitality industry, and many more.


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