Common Wallpaper Problems & Solutions cover

Common Wallpaper Problems & Solutions

The use of wallpaper is a concept that’s about 2,200 years old. The concept of wallpaper was first utilized by the Chinese in at least 200 B.C. When you think of wallpaper today, your mind probably wanders to the floral designs and other concepts popularized on Victorian era parlor walls.

The use of a wallpaper as a covering is as popular as ever. It’s a timeless option that evolves and innovates with the times. The Victorian English nor the Chinese had the wide-ranging selection of styles, materials, and designs to choose from when decorating their interiors.

Wallpaper Styles

Limitless Styles & Innovative Materials

Today wallpaper is made from a variety of materials. You can cover your walls with vinyl, bamboo wall covering, fabric, wood, textured wall coverings, and even leather is a possibility. All of these are popular options and can be incorporated into your interior design plan.

Imagine an interior wall that’s covered in a stunning wallpaper mural or even fabric or leather for a more flamboyant and maybe even eccentric flair. Of course, you’re not limited to full wall coverings. There are options for borders to accent any style. Wallpaper borders can be muted and subtle or bold and in your face.

Wallpaper Problems & Solutions

Despite the many innovations there remain problems to be encountered when using wallpaper. We’ll look at some of the most common problems and the solutions for resolving each.
Perhaps the most common wallpaper problem is the “open up” or “curl.” This problem is usually caused by one of several mistakes during installation:
  • Not enough wallpaper paste applied to the edges.
  • Over rolling the seam edges, which forces paste from behind the wallpaper.
  • Too much time spent aligning the seams, which allows the paste along the edges to dry.
  • There are special adhesives available that allow you to glue down seams without repapering the entire wall.
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Other possible, but less likely causes for curling and loose ends are:
  • Inadequate wall surface preparation. This could be not se4aling the surface or not applying sizing. In these cases, wallpaper removal might not be necessary, but the surface will need to be prepared.
  • A too high room temperature during installation. This causes the paste to dry quickly. Like other curling or opening can be solved using special adhesives.
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Some other wallpaper problems can include:
  • Tears when trimming. This usually caused by a dull blade, so remember to change blades frequently.
  • Surface streaks. These are typically caused by too much paste, which should be wiped away with a damp cloth. This should be done each time a new section of wallpaper is hung. If you find these streaks after application. A special solution for removing the paste may be needed.
  • Shading variations can be an issue with coverings that vary from roll to roll. These variations create a contrast when together. Alternating strips can create a more consistent appearance, or rolls can be sorted to match and lessen contrast. However, it may not be the paper. Some wall coverings can be affected by not using a. non-staining adhesive or by improper rolling technique.
  • Gaps can be caused by incorrect surface preparation or improper butting and seaming.
  • Bubbles or blisters in the wallpaper. These are usually found when there is improper smoothing, or when the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius. You can sometimes solve this problem by pricking and smoothing. Larger areas require slitting the wallpaper and applying more paste.
If a wall has old and deteriorating wallpaper it’ll need to be removed to allow for the new wallpaper to hang on a suitable surface. However, many find this to be slow and tedious work. The most efficient way to remove the old wallpaper is the use of a wallpaper steamer.
Professional wallpepering

Consider Hiring Professionals

Hanging wallpaper is a task that is very involved. A high amount of attention is required to ensure proper procedures are followed, so many people choose to hire professionals so the job is done efficiently and correctly without the stresses of trial and error.
Beyond Decor has a team of wall coverings experts. We can help you select the best wall coverings, remove old wallpaper, and hang the new wallpaper. Contact us today or visit our office for a free consultation.
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