Featuring & Using Glass in Interior Design Cover

Featuring & Using Glass in Interior Design

Glass in interior design helps to create empty space. It lets light through and gives the feeling of a space being empty and spacious. Glass can transform dark interiors and provide an optimal solution for rooms that receive too little light.

Modern construction techniques and approaches to interior design as greatly increased the use of glass, which has been enabled by advances in technology.

Eco-Conscious glass

For The Eco-Conscious

New initiatives in recycled glass have made glass an increasingly common multi-use material. Of course, the use of recycled glass in interior design, but it opens new dimensions for a space.

Today offices can feature sculpted reception desks Bars are using recycled glass shelves in creative ways to feature their bottle selection. Recycled glass can also be used to add creative decorative elements such as floor to ceiling cylinders that can be illuminated to create entirely new visual layers to a room.

Printed glass abstract

Print It on Glass

Ceramic printed glass is becoming popular because of its longevity. An image is printed on the glass, which is certainly eye catching, but it’s also a cost-effective alternative to marble or granite for feature walls. This technique also allows for exotic options.

Glass interior wall

Interior Walls

Glass can be used in the place of interior walls or to divide spaces whilst allowing an area to be flooded with light. When carefully layered, glass walls add complexity to a space and obscures dimensions, which counterintuitively holds a space back from revealing its secrets too quickly.

Glass interior walls


Yes, glass stairs are real and popular. The use of glass stairs was brought to the forefront when Apple opened its iconic 5th Avenue store in New York. Since then, the glass stairs have spread to residences around the globe.

Glass Stairs

How Can Glass Make Your Space Unique?

Using glass in non-traditional ways takes a mix of boldness, creativity, and restraint. Fortunately for you the Beyond Décor team has those traits and we’re ready to help design your dream space. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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