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How to Choose the Right Metal Finish Color for Your Home

The use of colored metals, especially warmer colored metals in home decor has been steadily increasing over recent years, and this is mainly to add a bit of spark and energy to gray based interior color palettes. Let’s take a look at how we can choose the right metal finish color to add the right type and amount of energy to your home’s interior spaces.

Colored Metal Finishes Have Importance in Home Decor

It might not be something you immediately realize, but many of the main items we interact with at home are metal. Just think about it for a minute; faucets, hardware, and lighting. There used to be a time when homeowners didn’t give much thought to the metal in their homes, but, over time metal has become a feature of many homes.

Gold, Copper, and Black Metal Finishes

Today gold metal finishes come in a range of colors from he strong yellow that you might recall from your youth to more modern lighter tints. Just as with the range of colors, finishes also are available in a range of sheens from mirror-like high gloss to matte.

More orange-like metals like copper and rose gold are newer additions to the market, They create and add earthy tones to a room.

If you’re unsure of how much color you want or just don’t like colored metals, there’s always black. Add black for contrast. The contrast that can be given to a room can really make the design pop with the addition of some black finish metal.

Using Colored Metal Finishes

For some people, going gold can be a big change, one that can feel dramatic. However, you can temper the brightness of gold by pairing the gold with black.

The combination of gold and black connects to a more recent trend, that is the use of two tone finishes. For use your go to metal finish for a light fixture, but just one component, and add gold for a little bit of flare to the item.

More Than One Colored Metal Finish in a Home?

Certainly! You can even use multiple colors of metal finish in the same room. However, if you’re not comfortable with different metal colors in the same room, try using different colored metal finish in different rooms. For example, you could use gold metal finish in the dining room and silver in your bathroom.

What About a Neutral Colored Finish?

You can always go classic with polished nickel. It’s a slightly warm colored chrome that works will with gold, bronze, or black. it can really go with anything.

But Be Warned

Not all manufacturer colors are exactly the same. This is something to be especially mindful of when metal pieces, like plumbing fixtures, will be next to or near each other. always be sure to request and view samples before making a purchase.

Black metal can also be difficult to care for with heavy daily use like in a shower. For such instances, it might be best to go with chrome for the shower and black for handles on the vanity.

Matte finishes can look spectacular, but some show fingerprints easily, so be sure to take a look at that and consider its use in a space.

Consult Our Experts

We know choosing the perfect metals to make your space picturesque can be difficult. Why not let our experts at Beyond Decor save you time and money by working with you to identify and select the best colored metal finishes for your space?


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