Interior design plays a significant role in the life of each individual. It may be overlooked most of the time, but its importance has a significant impact on our life that people are appreciating more and more these days. It connects people to beauty, inspiration, relaxation, and modernism. Interior design is an important technique that nowadays that receives a high degree of attention all over the world. With a high desire towards good looking, comfortable and functional concept for residential, retail and commercial spaces; there’s clear indication of its importance and its ability to personalize empty premises into spaces of your own.

The Importance of Interior Design

Manage your own space

Interior design project development helps to understand actual space, its unique points and limitations in order to adjust the space, and its layout and functionality to match with resident’s lifestyle, needs, and requirements.


Feel the way you wish

People feel comfortable staying at a specific place which is the space of their own, where every single item and element reflects their personality, charisma, mood, habits, characteristics and desired atmosphere around.

Anticipate difficulties beforehand

A month or two spent on a well-planned project is considered a short but extremely important timeframe when compared to the time in which residents will be enjoying in their new property; which will likely be for years to come.

Go through unseen details

Interior design is not just concerned about how beautiful and stunning your place will look, but it takes creativity and experience to make an empty space properly functional. It is often seen that a small property may have just everything pitched perfectly with nicely personalized interior design and space saving tricks, where a big house can be often seen designed with low functionality and space visually wasted.

The role that interior design plays is much more important than the architecture of the property itself. Indoor area is the place where residents will spend most of their time and will make use of the interior’s features. While the exterior of the structure of the building is eventually forgotten after stepping over the threshold of the entrance.

Engage experienced Interior Design Firm – VS – Save money and handle it all on your own?!

The wise axiom states that: “Over 90% of brave and self-confident people who handles renovation process or even simple furnishing on their own – would exit initially planned budget and timeline in addition with unexpected bunch of hassles.” Basically, once someone realizes the process is full of surprises and isn’t as cut and dry as perceived, they’ll quit and abandon the project.

Why does the greedy man pay twice?

The main reason would be an unexperienced assumption that the Interior Design Firm would do nothing and is only charging extra fees on top of everything involved in the project. So, most people would think: “I’m not worse than them, definitely I can handle it all myself!” That’s it! Once the mind leans towards this decision – the person has activated a slow-motion bomb, as dilemmas and challenges would be coming one after another, without their own solutions.

Things to consider before making a decision:

  • Without Turn Key Service, Only the design concept and drawings would be too expensive, so do I really need them?
  • How to get project plan approval from the Juristic Office without the drawings?
  • Contractor and suppliers can’t calculate quotation without drawings and BOQ details, so what shall you base your material need on?
  • What is the total budged that shall be prepared? Would it be accurate or estimate?
  • Materials and supply comparison, how to choose and where to buy them at the right price?
  • How long will the whole process take? How to manage timeline, workers and materials supply?
  • Project Schedule and sequence of works, what comes first, what step will be last?
  • Who would be responsible in case of any defects while multiple suppliers are working together at the same area?
  • After all, if you handle the project yourself, would your final result maintain mood & tone, functionality and layout as you personally planned at the beginning stage?
  • Would you and family members have same understanding and agreement on all details without third party help and involvement?
  • Not to forget most importantly, would you be able to dedicate enough time to manage and control all project processes on the daily basis?

If at least for a second you doubt or are unsure of your own knowledge and experience handling these questions mentioned above, then it is the 1st indicator that the project must be delegated to professional team at an Interior Design Firm to save money, time, and hassle while you can focus on your daily routine and the project can be completed seamlessly without single drop of sweat.


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