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Interior Design Styles: Urban Modern Decor

Urban modern decor is current and trendy interior design style that can ultimately be described as fashionable. Urban modern styling is typically found in city apartments and the homes of the elite. The design style is sleek and minimal. You’ll find a harmonious balance of comfort and glamour. We’ll take a look at what makes the interior design style how you can incorporate urban modern decor in your own home.

Urban Modern Decor interior design elements“ZEN SKYLINE” – Siamese Sukhumvit

Urban Modern Decor Elements

The ideal base for this interior design style is a light and airy space. The perfect space style would be something like an industrial loft because it combines open spaces, high ceilings, and a lot of light. But if you don’t live an industrial style loft space, don’t be discouraged because you can still make this style work.

There’s a heavy reliance on neutral and calming color tones and hues. Warm neutral tones for the walls, floor, and major furniture pieces set the stage for a charming space that exudes a sense of glamour. The perfect look can be achieved using shades of taupe, cream, and brown with warm undertones.

Continuity is an important consideration when choosing to go with an urban modern look to your home. Of course you don’t want every room to look copy and pasted, you do want to create a nice flow between spaces. This continuity can be achieved by using a single common color throughout the home. Use a single color for the walls, the color fo your furniture, or decor pieces. However, if you don’t want to go monochromatic choose a single pattern or texture in the same way.

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Urban Modern Decor Pieces

Following the comfortable and homey feel, choose soft furniture pieces. This means natural colored throw pillows and blankets. Natural materials should also be used. These materials would be something such as wool. You could also add something like a shag rug to add texture to a space.

Don’t confuse urban modern decor with simple minimalist neutral decor. Urban modern decor always adds a statement to a space. There are multiple ways to implement modern urban decor. One way to pop energy into a space is to use scale. You van play with sizes across your home by mixing oversized pieces with smaller more petite items. For example, an oversized hanging lights fixture could be used with smaller minimalist barstools in a kitchen. Another idea could be a King bed with overstuffed pillows paired with a nightstand with delicate legs. The possibilities are truly endless.

Each room should have a single statement piece. A statement piece can be a piece of art, a fascinating lighting fixture, an element of bright color or bold pattern. There should always be a “talking piece” to keep things interesting for every room.

Urban Modern Decor interior design experts“ZEN SKYLINE” – Siamese Sukhumvit

Urban Modern Decor Experts

If you’re feeling inspired and have a space that’s in ned of new life, consider contacting our expert interior design team. Our team is experience in urban modern decor and your home can only benefit from trusting the Beyond Decor team to handle your interior design project.


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