Make Your Home Office Always “Zoom Ready”

Remote work has become more mainstream, and for many a home office has become a necessity. However, one of the greatest challenges with designing a home office is to have a video ready background for calls with partners, customers, and colleagues. Having a well put together and clutter free background will only enhance your professionalism on screen.

Personalize Your Approach

Of course the environment you’re in for your video conference or call should be something that reflects your own personality. A background or environment that reflects your own personality or interests will help you feel most comfortable being yourself during the call. It’ll likely also help the people you’re speaking with understand you more as a person.

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Use Accent Walls

If you’re feeling it’s too early to commit to a full office renovation, you can refresh a wall with tiles or decorative panels.Add some more texture or some select spots or color to transform your home office into something fresh and exciting.

The Best Colors

White certainly an obvious choice, maybe you want to be different and show others your unique personality. Don’t be afraid to add color to your home office interior design plans. Use color psychology to boost both your mood and productivity. These are some colors to consider:

  • Blue: Calming and friendly to thinking. Blue also promotes communication and efficiency.
  • Green: Balance and freshness. Green is also a color that’s easy on the eyes.
  • Red: A color of strength, courage, excitement, and passion. Red is a color that stimulates.
  • Yellow: Positivity, creativity, and happiness. Yellow is a burst of energy.

Add Texture to Your Backgrounds

Anything that’s not a bare wall will add layers and depth to your background. A curated gallery wall or bookshelves are great options. Pattens or textiles, even a faux brick wall will serve as something adequate. Make your background eye catching, but be careful of it becoming an overly dominant force on the screen.


Fabrics are lightweight and can be changed to add some variety from call to call if you feel you want to have some variety in your life. However, you might need to do some testing to ensure the fabric hangs correctly and covers the entire view of the camera lens. Fabric can make for an excellent “branded” background.

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Wallpaper can also be used, but you need to be careful that the pattern isn’t distracting or has a dated appearance. Also, keep in mind that the whole room doesn’t need to be wallpapered, you could select one wall to be used during your calls using a carefully curated wallpaper.


Industrial style interior brick walls or exposed stone can be great backgrounds for video calls and also add a lot of character to a home office. Your audience will probably link your brick or exposed stone wall background with productivity and effectiveness.

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Look Studious With Built-In Cabinetry

If your space is limited, it might be best to choose built-in cabinets or shelving for your home office to serve as your video call background. Built-in furniture can bring a studious look to your environment while also providing useful storage space to keep your books or other items.

Home Office Do’s & Don’ts

Do Diplomas, Maps, Plants, Tasteful Art

You’ll want to show items that are connected to your type of work. Diplomas or similar certificate of recognition can be good pieces to use. Maps and tasteful art can also work. A piece of green like a plant or even a cactus can “clean the air” of the space.

Don’t: Family Photos, Sports Memorabilia, Busy Prints

Avoid cluttering up your background. Avoid displaying private family photos, your collection of small bottles, or souvenirs form your many travels. Save those things for another room in your home and not for your home office. Give strong consideration to purpose and remove what doesn’t have one.

Be Free of Clutter

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, avoid clutter. Once the environment is right, take a step back and survey your Zoom call or video call background. You don’t want to show too much of your domestic life. Aim for an area free of clutter but with a lot of character. Not only will this way of thinking make for a great Zoom background in your home office, but it’ll also help you remain more productive when you need it.

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Avoid Backlighting

Getting light right is essential. Remember, you’re on a video call and you need to think of the setup like a videographer because your home office is your studio. You need to avoid backlighting because it’ll result in your face being mostly shadow or heavily darkened because of the bright light behind you. You also don’t want direct sunlight because that can also cause problems. Ideally you want to be facing soft light coming in from a window.

If your meeting is at night, use a lamp and set it to face you. Be sure to do some styting beforehand so you can set the right distance between you and the lamp.

Are you looking for some help to setup an always “Zoom ready” home office background? Contact us today for a free home office interior design consultation.


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