Stainless Steel Finish cover

Stainless Coated Decorative Profile – It’s Variety & Ways to Use

First of all, we need to know what stainless steel is. stainless steel, also known as “rustless steel”, is a combination of iron and chromium with a small percentage of carbon (less than 0.1%) and a minimum of 10.5% chromium alloy. The commercial stainless steel we usually find is a 304/316 grade, which has no rust properties and has high corrosion resistance.



The color of the stainless steel comes in several varieties and patterns. The paint on the stainless steel is made through a process known as PVD Coating (Physical Vapor Deposition). Titanium is used for the coating, which makes colored stainless steel more resistant to low and high-temperature changes as well as resistant to high-stress corrosion cracking. The two most popular colors used are MR (Mirror), which has a reflective pattern, and HL (Hairline), which simulates cat hair.



The reason why colored stainless steel has been introduced into various interior designs is due to its durability. It doesn’t rust and gives more shine and lustrous effects than any other materials. This very luster element truly adds to the luxury feel we need in the design, as well as beauty.


In interior design, we can use colored stainless steel in several forms. The most popularly used are these 3 forms:

Colored stainless steel sheet

It can be used to give a neat and finishing look to the edges of plaster, wood, marble, or various materials you desire.

The stainless steel scene

This type of stainless steel can be used as a tool for finishing details of furniture such as table corners, glass edges, or wall edges.

Colored stainless steel pedestal

This one is used on various joints of tiles or mortar. It is done by gauging the grooves on the coastline to give the work a finishing touch.


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