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Top Interior Flooring Tips

Although the floor is one of the largest parts of any room, it’s often forgotten when reimagining a space. Remember the last restaurant or office you were in, or even you friend’s home? Do you remember much about the flooring?

Believe it or not, there are truly remarkable floors out there. And they make people notice. These remarkable floors are made from marble, rubber, wood, vinyl, and even concrete. Floors can make a room look amazing, and truly elevate a space despite being under your feet.

Of course, aesthetics isn’t the only thing to consider. Practicality should be a governing factor when choosing your flooring. There are rules that determine what materials can be used where. Some materials can be porous, noisy, or even slippery. However, with experts slippery can be made safe, pores can be sealed, and noise can be minimized.

Let’s look at what flooring works where in a home.


Perhaps needless to say, but carpets are a no-no for bathroom flooring. The level of moisture and the addition of bacteria will lead to rot in virtually no time. The standard is for a bathroom to be tiled. However, you may find other materials used such as rocks to create a unique and earthy feel.

But you want to keep your feet warm after you get out of the tub or shower? Underfloor heating would be the best option for your bathroom. However, in tropical climates such as Thailand, it’s not commonly found in many homes.

Bathroom Flooring“THE OLEANDER PENTHOUSE” @BTS Nana Sukhumvit


You can really have any flooring you want in a bedroom. Nothing says you can’t have polished concrete. Most commonly people like to feel comfortable and luxurious in their bedroom, so softer materials are often chosen.

Carpets for completely soft flooring is a common choice, but wood or tiled flooring can be softened up with a few choice rugs placed throughout the room.

Bedroom flooring tips


We all like to imagine clean and pristine hallways at home. But let’s admit it, it’s where dirty foot traffic passes regularly and where bags or sports gear is dumped until you’ve showered and cleaned up. On the other hand, it’s important that the hallway give visitors a good impression and characterizes your home.

Thus hallways require flooring with visual impact that also cleans easily. Marble is a traditional statement material. Dark woods create a sense of drama and light woods feel clean and friendly. Carpeted hallways are warming, and porcelain exudes crisp cleanliness.

Hallway flooring“COZY LIFE” Moobaan Maharaja Garden City @Rama 2


Like bathrooms, kitchens are not a place for carpeting. A rug can be used to soften up the room and provide a comfortable surface for your feet when standing.

Kitchen flooring is typically made of porcelain, tile, or stone surfaces. Wood is also a common choice for kitchen flooring. There truly are so many flooring materials to choose from for the kitchen. You could go for terracotta, slate, marble, quartz, birch, marble, or even limestone.

One of the most important aspects for a kitchen floor is for it to be properly sealed. Expect your kitchen floor to get wet, even if you never use your kitchen to cook.

Kitchen flooring

Living Rooms

Living rooms also allow for a full range of options. You could go with a good quality laminate, wood, stone, or even carpet for a living room. Just make sure the material being used is of high quality and is laid correctly by experts.


Stairs are made of everything these days. Glass, wood, metal, you name it. One of the main concerns that you will need to address is the sound made when people are waking up and down the steps.

Some people choose to use runners on their stairs. Typically they’re a colored carpeting, but sisal and woolen stripes are used for a unique look.

Mix It Up

Remember, you don’t need to use one type of flooring throughout your home. Switch materials up from room to room. Changing flooring materials creates separation between rooms and is encouraged in most cases.

Get Sound Flooring Advice

There’s a whole world of flooring options and the Beyond Décor team can advise you on the best materials to create the look and feel you want for any room in your home. Contact us today to better understand what flooring works best for your space.


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