Why Interior Designers Are Obsessed with Details Cover

Why Interior Designers Are Obsessed with Details

You may have heard of “the devil is in the details,” before. However, for interior designers, “God is in the details.” Why is this? It’s because interior design is about getting the details right.

What do we mean by details? Any element or object in a room can be detailed. In broad terms, a detail is a consideration of how an item is embellished, finished, the form its line will take, shape, how two surfaces meet. All of these comprise the details of an element in a room. Detailing is giving attention to every small part of a space or structure, to the appearance and decoration of each part of a room.

What can be detailed? Well, just about anything. A tile floor can have an ornate layout or even each tile can have its own characteristics that contribute to the overall appearance. A rug could have an intricately detailed motif. A wood floor can have a detailed inset. Furniture upholstery could have a decorative pattern, a button detail, cord details, or more. Crown moldings, ceilings, and millwork can all be detailed. Decorative details could be how colors are matched in a room, or matching patterns. Literally everything has details. Even when a design appears to be stark, someone considered the details to make the room look and feel the way that it does.

Details matter because quality designer work is determined by the attention to detail. Detail is what sets on design and designer apart from another. Interior design is like a tailor making a suit or dress. What determines the quality of the clothing? It’s the fabric selection and the attention given to each detail in the finishing of the outfit.

Next time you enter a space, try to notice the details. Notice the walls, floors, and ceilings meet. Pay attention to the furniture and each element that makes it.

As designers, we certainly value client input because it is your space to create. What we do, is pay attention to all the minute details that elevate your space from good to great.


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